Капо Черазо

Capo Ceraso is located in Gallura, in the municipality of Olbia in Sardinia. The beaches located in Capo Ceraso, lapping the Protected Marine Area limits of Tavolara Punta Coda Cavallo and are among the most renowned in the area for the colors and the clarity of water.

Crystal clear clean water

The vegetation present in the area, goes from lush sea and is rich in many varieties of plants: strawberry trees, holm oak, cork oak, rockrose, mastic, wild olive, heather, probably due to the fact that the place has been preserved from the attack the fires that often burn in the summer season in the area.
Getting to Cape Ceraso and its beaches: from Olbia, follow the signs «Murta Maria», «Porto San Paolo», after about 10 km you arrive at Murta Maria, continue until you reach a roundabout go along and then follow the «Porto Istana.»

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