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What kind of dream wedding in Sardinia are you envisioning? Perhaps you already many ideas, or maybe you're starting from zero, but you are sure that you want a one of a kind wedding right in Sardinia.



Sardinia Vibes' specializes in beautifully curated weddings all over the island. If you’re envisioning a wedding on the beach or an Emerald Coast wedding, we source the top talent in the wedding world all across Sardinian venues.



Whatever your style (‘rustic-chic’ or full out luxury and glam), our couples tell us over and over that we deliver! Our goal is to hear: you made My Day Unforgettable. Thank you for all you've done to make our wedding unique.

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Here are six different types of wedding ceremonies for you to think about:

Civil Wedding ceremonies

– Civil Ceremony –

Exchange your wedding vows with a civil wedding in Sardinia! The most requested Italian marriage ceremony is the civil wedding and it offers an amazing variety of beautiful locations, are listed on our web site.


Civil ceremonies in Sardinia are conducted in very unique, town halls and occasionally private venues including ,enchanting villas, ancient palaces as well as a wide selection of panoramic outdoor locations.


Distinctive Italy Weddings in Sardinia Vibes has personally selected the finest Italian civil wedding locations available. The choice is huge, just let us to find the right one for your wishes and needs.

Civil Wedding ceremonies

Catholic Wedding ceremonies

– Catholic Ceremony –

We provide assistance for all formalities:

  • Specific religious paperwork is required in order to have a Catholic wedding in Italy.
  • All paperwork must be translated in Italian.
  • A Catholic wedding ceremony in Italy is conducted by an English speaking priest or in Italian, with an interpreter.
  • It is possible to have a legally binding Catholic ceremony, in which case civil paperwork must be completed as well.
  • A few Catholic churches will only perform a religious blessing; in which case you must be civilly married prior to coming to Italy.
  • A Catholic marriage in Italy is not possible if one of you was previously married in a Catholic rite and is now divorced without a formal annulment by the Catholic church.
  • A mixed religion marriage is subject to the approval of your own Bishop who must grant permission in writing.
  • A donation is required for the church.
  • Attire: no bare shoulders for the bride.
  • Music: sacred music only is possible.

Vow Renewals Wedding ceremonies

– Vow Renewals –

A Vow Renewal in Sardinia is designed to celebrate your marriage, anniversary and union. It is intended for those who have already been married, and allows the couple to renew their promise to each other. Italian vow renewals celebrate the past as well as look towards the future. Since there are no legalities involved you are free to create the event of your dreams in any of Italy’s stunning surroundings. They can be religious or non-religious, depending on your preferences.  A photo shoot can immortalize the celebration of your years together in one of Italy’s most gorgeous locations!

Chinese Wedding ceremonies

– Chinese Ceremony –

Traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony in Italy, an important moment of a Chinese wedding is the Tea Ceremony.
We assist many Chinese couple that are planned two ceremonies, for example a civil union and then they want to live an important moment in their Chinese tradition the Tea Ceremony.
 Ceremony is really full of rituals and symbols.

Hindu Wedding ceremonies

– Hindu Ceremony –

There is nothing quite as spectacular as an Indian wedding! If you are considering an Indian wedding in Italy our staff is able to organize the entire celebration including: Sangeet Party, bridal Mehndi, Hindu ceremony and any other details required for a spectacular celebration as well as Hindu priests in Italy. We offer a range of very unique venues for an unforgettable Sardinian destination wedding event.

Symbolic Wedding ceremonies

– Symbolic Ceremony –

The symbolic or blessing wedding ceremony in Sardinia is becoming more and more popular every year. It allows couples complete freedom to plan their Italian wedding ceremony wherever and however they may wish based on their preferences, cultural background and values. Best of all, no paperwork is required since the ceremony is not legally binding.
We provide the celebrant and assistance with personal vows, music, poetry, soloist singer and flower arrangements. Your friends and family are welcome to participate in making the event special. A beautiful parchment certificate in calligraphy will immortalize the event.



OUR Testimonials

Paola & Roberto

Catholic Ceremony

September 2015


Inna & Corrado

Orthodox Ceremony

June 2016


Inna & Stefano

Vow Renewals

October 2016


Elena & Flavio

Civil Ceremony

February 2019


Here are some examples of different types of wedding ceremonies we’ve organized in amazing locations:

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