Сан Панталео

Every Thursday, the village of San Pantaleo in Costa Smeralda comes alive for a fixed appointment; already in the early hours of the morning the trucks and cars of the street vendors walk along the streets still immersed in silence and hurry to take a position in the stalls assigned to them.

All to be discovered

And the small square around the granite church is transformed: the goods are unloaded, the stalls are set up, the famous San Pantaleo market is prepared for, a fixed appointment on Thursday morning that attracts curious people and visitors from all the tourist resorts of Gallura, to Porto Rotondo and Porto Cervo.

You will find everything, from organic fruit and vegetables to stalls selling local handicrafts, from “old-fashioned” terracotta objects like real piggy banks, not like today’s ones with the key, to used clothes, from typical food and wine products to artistic objects and then there are also costume jewellery, flowers, artistic candles and much more… all to be discovered!

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