Порто Черво

Sardinia Costa Smeralda looks like a magical cocktail of sea, sun and joy that is almost impossible to resist. Located on the north-eastern coast of Sardinia, between the Gulfs of Arzachena and Cugnana, it owes its name to the particular color of the sea and to the chromatic variations of the transparent waters that creep into a labyrinth of granite rocks, forming enchanting views.

The fame of a vacation spot

Just because unique, this kind of nature has attracted celebrities from around the world since the early years: big names in the jet set, sport, finance, politics and industry have been and are at home in Porto Cervo.

And celebrities have decisively contributing to create the fame of a vacation spot: Greta Garbo, Margaret of England, Gianni Agnelli, Jacqueline Kennedy, Juan Carlos, Harrison Ford, Sting just to name a few.

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